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PFL Short Film

Farm Living is an alternative to city living. Individuals and families around the world are considering farm living given the holistic improvement in standard of living. Technology and improved infrastructure have aided the transition. Farm living does not mean that one must take up agriculture or any land-based activity as an occupation. In fact remote working options have opened up newer possibilities to lead a significantly improved lifestyle.

Farm living is a futuristic lifestyle considering the sustainability issues we face as a society. Ecological, economic and social sustainability require a new approach, which is aligned to more to nature than human ambitions and material aspirations.

What We Can Do for You

Transition to farm living is a proactive and a fundamental change in lifestyle. Our research indicates that most people who aspire to live on a farm are not sure how to go about it. Palaash Farm Living offers to facilitate individuals and families make the transition to farm living by offering the below services.


Mytopia is a mental journey into a utopian farm life of an aspirant. Farm residents who have successfully transitioned to this lifestyle have done so aided by perseverance, clear thinking and guidance of farm residents, who were ahead on the path. In Mytopia, we have attempted to design the journey by drawing from the experiences of earlier journeys.

Farm Living Spaces

Palaash Farm Living, in collaboration with land-owners and financial investors is developing farm living spaces to facilitate aspirants make the transition without having develop and maintain a farm. A farm space shall have spread out residential units, intermittent farms, food forests and water bodies. Here, you can lease a house for a long term (upto 20-25 years) or short stays (min 2 months). If you are an entrepreneur and wish to engage in farming, dairy, horticulture activity, you may lease land for your enterprise. You may even offer other services, which may be useful to the farm residents and to people outside the farm living space.

In case you are not a farm living aspirant, but would like to get involved in other ways, please fill the form below. You may also contact us over the social media.

Contact us by filling out the form below.