About Us

The idea of Palaash Farm Living has been in action for a long time, though not as a business organisation. During the past decade or so, economic and technological progress has made it possible for more people to live on farms. That is where the genesis of this venture is.

PFL isn’t really an ‘owned’ organisation in the conventional sense. PFL shall operate as a business entity. While currently it is not registered, the plan is to register it as a not-for-profit company under section 25 of the Company’s Act 1956. Profits from operations shall not be distributed among shareholders, but would get redeployed in achieving the organisational objectives.


PFL lays emphasis on the character and profile of the organisation rather than that of it’s directors and promoters. The profile of individual directors / team members is available on request. The common thread binding the team is a conviction that farm living is an idea, whose time has come. Palaash Farm Living shall play its role in the adoption of this idea with commitment and enthusiasm.


PFL shall be at the forefront in facilitating adoption of farm living as a progressive step towards improving quality of life. PFL envisions a significant positive impact on individual well-being and a structural impact on macro indicators – ecological, economic, cultural and political, through wider adoption of farm living.


PFL shall endeavour to appeal to the aspiration, sensibility and concern for larger good amongst its target audience through its core activities, which include

1. Extensive research and documentation of the progress and practices among the farm living population. It shall also track the extent of acceptance and adoption of these practices by people at large.

2. Facilitate farm living aspirants to adopt this lifestyle by way of consultancy, by making available farm residences on long lease and by ensuring the availability of essentials at the farms. PFL shall offer infrastructure and essential services at the farm through partners.

PFL shall refrain from advocating adoption of farm living on grounds of morality, ideology or religion.

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