Farm Living Aspirants’ Journey

It’s great to know that you are a farm living aspirant. Palaash Farm Living is excited to be with you in this journey from being an aspirant to being a farm resident.

The journey to being a farm resident can be broadly mapped into the following stages. The sequence of the stages may differ in some cases, some stages may not be applicable in a few cases.

Sign-up As A Farm Living Aspirant

The Sign-up Process involves a detailed understanding of your needs, circumstances, family background, professional details, your motivators to opt for farm living, the key concerns / possible bottlenecks and your expectations from engagement with PFL.

Based on the information, we will suggest whether it is recommended for you to sign-up for the subsequent steps. There are no charges currently applicable at this stage.

Journey In The Mind

Based on our recommendation, if you opt to continue with the further steps, we will offer you a proposal along with charges applicable. You will have an option for solo/exclusive engagement or group engagement. Under group engagement, you will be able to navigate the next step along with co-travellers in similar stage of journey. In this stage, you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops with co-travellers and one-on-one consulting.

Trial Stay(s)

Having traversed the journey in the mind, you may want to stay for a few weeks to get a first-hand experience of living on the farm. You may opt for multiple trial stays to enhance your experience and to evaluate different locations. Trial stays will be organised at farms of our infrastructure partners. You will be informed of the charges applicable prior to finalisation.

Prepare for Transition

As you step into this stage, you would have decided to move to living on a farm, possibly a date of transition also. You may have to prepare to make the transition happy and successful. This may involve gaining some knowledge or skills, getting physically equipped, making or breaking a few habits, creating a financial back-up and talking over with close family members or friends.

In this stage, you may decide to engage PFL or to prepare by yourself.

Location Selection & Agreement

You may evaluate locations offered by infrastructure partners or transition to your own farm, if you have that option. PFL’s engagement at this stage is at your option.


Transition in itself involves in-depth planning and meticulous execution. Here also, PFL’s engagement is at your option.

Farm Living Aspirant Assessment Form

Please share the below information to help us recommend to you the further course of action

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