Get Connected

You can get connected with PFL in four ways.

  • Farm Living Aspirants
  • Professional Contributor
  • Investor / Infrastructure Partner
  • Well-Wisher / Goodwill Ambassador

These are not mutually exclusive categories. In fact, the ideal state is where people connected with PFL are in all four categories simultaneously.

Connection with PFL is not a passive one. You may be required to take proactive action at times. We live in times, where the customer leaves his email id and mobile number and expects the service provider to take care of the buying journey. This is going to be a different experience.

PFL won’t sell the idea of farm living to you

We’ll begin with your conviction that Farm Living is good for you and/or good for us collectively. If you aren’t convinced yet, write to us with your queries. A farm living aspirant is someone, who has chosen farm living as a route to either personal goal or larger good or both.  

A Wish or a Hope (to Live on the Farm) Isn’t Enough

A wish or a hope isn’t likely to provide the fire power to travel the distance. While we begin with a conviction, action is a very different ball game. One’s commitment is tested by the effort and perseverance.

If You’re Aiming for The Larger Good, You Must Lead the Way!

Larger good is a function of a wide adoption of farm living. Wide adoption requires role models. Early adopters to this lifestyle will automatically be role models for those behind the curve. We’re presently in the stage, where you can become a role model for many others.

Once a Farm Resident, You’re Welcome to Join Team PFL

We’re eager to have more hands and minds in the team. The story of your journey from a farm living aspirant to a farm resident will inspire more aspirants. Your experiences will provide answers to their queries. So, once you become a farm resident, it’s time for you to get on the other side to propel the journey of farm living as a phenomena.