Farm Life Futurist

You’re a Farm Living Futurist if you intuitively feel that farm living is an improvement over an elite urban lifestyle – not only at an individual level but also at a macro level. You’d feel so if you think about issues at a fundamental level, challenge prevalent paradigms, however deep-rooted. Some statements you’d agree with are as below.

The capitalist economic models based on ever increasing consumption appear unsustainable. Also, the myth of higher consumption leading to higher satisfaction is bursting. Thus at a systemic level and at an individual level, we’re searching for alternate models. As soon as we find a viable alternative, we will witness a gradual but inevitable adoption.

At individual and family level, the reasons for seeking alternatives are very strong. These include concerns regarding physical and mental health, the effect of the socio-cultural environment, the effects of deteriorating ecological balance, growing redundancy of the education systems and tension created by the widening socio-economic inequalities.

Technology has enabled us to fulfil our economic needs with much lesser effort. Access to internet and telecommunications has facilitated access to markets, knowledge, expertise and information uniform in cities as well as villages. Thus there isn’t much to lose by giving up on existing economic and social paradigms.

For a Farm Living Futurist, farm living is not just a sensible alternative, but also a possible one.