Farm Living Is A Futuristic Lifestyle – Arguably The Step After Urbanisation

Urbanisation has been a giant step in evolution. We owe the development in Science & Technology, Access to Education, our civic sensibilities and an equitable society to urbanisation. During the last two centuries and more so in the last half a century or so, this development has been rapid and widespread. It is this development that is likely to power us into the next step – farm living. Farm Living is a progressive step – one which carries the advancements of the previous step, while countering the negative impact.

Introduction to Palaash Farm Living and Being a Farm Resident Indian (FRI)

Palaash Farm Living engages with those leading this next step in civilisation. If you sense that farm living is indeed a progressive step, if you are willing and capable of taking the step forward, PFL is eager to be alongside you in this transformation. We bring together the experience of many people and families, who’ve successfully made this transition. We also connect you with co-travellers, who’re committed to this journey. Know More

PFL Offerings

Experiential Programs

Being an FRI or making the transition to farm living may happen in different ways to different people. For those, who’d like to experience farm living without taking the transition journey in the mind, we offer experiential Farm Living programs titled FRI Mini and FRI Full Year. FRI Mini is a 2 month program, where the participant (family) lives on the farm for 45 days out of 2 months. The FRI Full Year is a program, where the participant (family) lives on the farm for 8 months out of 12. Participants to these programs may choose from a network of infrastructure partner. Program fee is 30k and 100k respectively. Fees include accommodation and house-keeping at a PFL partner farm. Accommodation will be comfortable for a family (2 adults and 2/3 kids) equipped with basic necessities. Know More.

Journey in The Mind

For those, who’d like to have their questions answered before taking on the practical experience of being an FRI, PFL offers workshops, webinars and interactive sessions with co-travellers and a panel of existing farm residents on various subjects like education, food, agriculture, economics, health, etc and also draw from the diverse experience. Know More