Is Farm Living meant for you?

The right question may be ‘Is Farm Living an answer to my questions or solution for my problems or fulfilment of my aspirations?’

The answer to this question has to be discovered. It is a personal quest. Many of us have unanswered questions, unsolved concerns and unfulfilled aspirations. Many of us may not be actively seeking an answer or a solution, but when an option comes along, it just seems the right thing to do. Farm Living is one such option or an alternative way of life.

It makes sense to explore the option to live on the farm if,

  1. You’re living in a city, doing a job or business, leading an affluent lifestyle and find yourself asking yourself fundamental questions like “Is there another, better way of living?” or find something unidentifiable incorrect about your relation with the system (family, market, society) or the process of bringing up your children or your progress in the personal journey.
  2. You have a liking for and the ability & willingness to pay a price to live in large open spaces, to eat fresh food, to cook in traditional methods, have a lot of time at disposal for artistic pursuits/hobby.
  3. You feel trapped or controlled by the system leaving no room for personal expression.

Farm Living may appear like a meaningful option to many. However, the most important requisite is an ability to act without being pushed to the wall.