If farm living sounds like a good idea, Mytopia is relevant for you, even if you haven’t decided to live on the farm. Mytopia is a mental journey into your utopian farm life. It is meant to help you discover your aspirations, insecurities and questions regarding farm living. You may not have taken any action in the direction, or given much thought to it, participation in this program can help you do so in a structured manner.

This thoughtfully designed program has three levels. At the end of each level, you decide whether to continue with the journey or abort it. Farm living is a proactive change and it impacts every aspect of your lifestyle. During the program, you may find another way better suited to respond to your aspirations and challenges. Mytopia may or may not move you closer to farm living, but it can definitely go a long way in improving your lifestyle.

The three levels of the program are as below

Level 1

In this level, we will deep dive into your answers to ‘Why Farm Living?’ Over three sessions, through a process of self discovery, we will gain a clarity of purpose. We will also give you a glimpse of benefits of farm living reaped by existing farm residents. At the end of this level, you will be better prepared for level 2 – to deal with questions, doubts and fears about making the transition.

Level 2

Farm Living Aspirants, who have completed level 1 enter this next level. The objective of this level is to consider the probable challenges and possible showstoppers in your transition journey. By the end of the program, the farm living aspirant is expected to have a clear perspective of both sides of the journey. This program will delve into critical subjects, one at a time, gain perspectives of farm residents and with a deeper understanding be prepared for anticipated challenges.

Level 3

Level 3 involves planning details of your transition. Steps, timelines, budget, location, monitoring and evaluation parameters shall be defined and documented.


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Mytopia is a consultancy program to facilitate your transition to farm living. Consulting charges are applicable and will be communicated to you separately. 

Palaash Farm Living does not advocate living on the farm nor does it claim that farm living is better than any other lifestyle. The objective of PFL is to facilitate those who think that farm living is a preferred lifestyle and aspire to make the transition.