Possible Versions of Farm Living

Though farm living questions and obviates the need to adhere to many conventionally unquestioned paradigms, it doesn’t prescribe every aspect. It is simply a different place of settlement. One is free to design life, pursue an occupation and follow an ideology of his own choice.

Farm Living offers abundance of two aspects – time and space. The paradigm of economics enables a farm citizen to break free of the convention of having to design life around his work. His time at disposal isn’t limited by the time available after allocating it for a job or business. Thus, he has abundant time at disposal for pursuits, which add value and seem meaningful. Similarly, since he isn’t compelled to live in the densely populated city, the space at disposal can be measured in acres instead of square feet.

The question really is, “What is the work or career I can pursue while living on the farm?” There are innumerable work / occupation options. Some possibilities are as below.

  • Pursuit of a sport or an art
  • Qualified persons like doctors, teachers, lawyers, chartered accountants and the like can provide services to the local population or to clients in cities through the use of technology.
  • Freelancers or contractual consultants can be based on a farm and provide services to their clients based anywhere.
  • Land based occupation like farming, animal husbandry, agro-tourism, food forestry and the like are the obvious options for those who find them worthwhile.

Farm life is great for children. Parents may exercise the option of self-directed learning, may collaborate with other parents or even send the children to local schools. Children enjoy wandering in open spaces, acquaint themselves with animals, climb trees and work with soil.