We’re In ‘Post-Money’

Money is fast losing its value as a provider of security, convenience, social prestige and even basic need fulfilment.

We’re in ‘Post Money’. For a long time, we’ve been used to thinking of money as a single door to multiple needs (incl wants and desires) – accumulate money for a good life, lead kids on the path to make money to ensure a good life for them! This thinking is slowly but surely losing validity.

We converted everything we could into money – fossils, minerals, water, land, forests, animals & animal produce, sunlight and much more. We also turned physical strength, mental aptitude, time, art and skills into money. We’ve got so used to this conversion that it’s almost impossible for us to see the value of anything, unless it can be presented in financial terms. The good news, however, is that intuitively, we know that value exists even outside the realm of money.

For many of us, there is a realisation that money is fast losing its value. I repeat: Money is fast losing its value as a provider of security, convenience, happiness, social prestige, admiration, self-worth and even basic need fulfilment. 

If you’ve spent your lifetime converting everything you had into money, this may come as an ugly predisposition. You may reject it outright. But if you do find sense in the line of thought, it would be a good idea to ponder what might be your future endeavours. You or I aren’t the first people coming to terms with this fact. There have been people in every era, who have. These people were ‘enlightened’. But in today’s times, it doesn’t require enlightenment to know it. It’s quite apparent. 

Technically speaking, there is excess money in the system, which has it’s own complications. Ray Dalio has brilliantly presented this perspective. Check the link.

In one place in the article, the author says, “There is now so much money wanting to buy these dreams that in some cases venture capital investors are pushing money onto startups that don’t want more money because they already have more than enough; but the investors are threatening to harm these companies by providing enormous support to their startup competitors if they don’t take the money.” 

What does it mean to be in ‘Post-Money’? Well simply put, we ought to find something else to pursue (unless of course, you’re enlightened and know your purpose of life).

I have proposal. If you have a lot of money (or at least more than what you can spend), you can invest the money in re-converting a lot of stuff we earlier converted into money – participate in reforestation, support natural farming and/or help us make farm living a viable lifestyle. There are many ways money can be put to use, which are better than making more of it. You’ll find something that makes sense to you.

The only catch is that you don’t invest money to make more of it. That will be chutzpa.

Let me know if this makes sense.

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  1. By Chintan

    My first query is at what stage of life u can really take a call on “project restore” !

    My second query is even if I am sure that money will not bring anything for me, Do I have the choice today to let go , and all my decisions are with full consent of those who are highly dependent today and will get affected tom?

    My third query is when I am at the middle age now and if i take 20more yrs of my life, even if I ensure i do not let my kids chase for any monetory dreams, but as I have my dreams of creating something better for me and my enviornment, Do my aspiring kids agree with my call and if not what will be there for thier immediate future? Forget even some mid term planning.

    My forth query is , Am I going to buy these happiness without money ?

    My fifth query is , even if I agree on the financial aspect of what money now can bring , one can very well keep oneself away from those materialstic world if enough concious and alert , Do I need to leave everything only to realize it ?

    My Sixth query is, when we want to generate some revenue ( be it non monetory ) even for survival or to sustain oneself for rest of the life, what will ensure me that I will have all my needs, incl households, medical,min travel, min infra facilities for my work and for my family’s entertainment all will be avail in exchange of something – without sparing any money for availing those necessities in future.

    My seventh query is , by my taking some call , how it will benefit the society, mother earth and my community on a larger scale ?

    Eigth query is, Do I have those extra resources where if anyday I want to come back , let’s say it doesn’t work the way i plan, will take care of my min basic living with the same money if i take out ?

    And there are many more questions which probably will come out while discussion , then putting them here so let’s discuss it when we meet next personally.

    • By Shantanu

      Thanks Chintan for raising the elaborated, though not exhaustive queries/dilemmas.

      The central idea of the post is a macro speculation that the paradigm has shifted with regard to the position or role of money and this is a monumental shift in many senses. This however, may not apply personally to all similarly.

      Project Restore is relevant if one feels that he/she is in possession of more money than can be spent on needs and there isn’t a need to invest it for financial returns.

      There are such people and many more in number than one may imagine.

      Answers to personal questions is and has to be one’s personal quest. Having said that I will write separately and try answering these questions for myself and share them.

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