About Farm Living

What Farm Living Is NOT

It doesn’t mean giving up on materialistic life or moving into an ascetic life

It does not mean mandatory adoption of farming as a occupation

It doesn’t mean you have to engage in social service or development of village life. It also does not require one to get involved in the local politics

People living on farm don’t have to belong to a common ideology, commune, morality, religion or belief system

The Concept

Farm Living is a lifestyle where a family (joint or nuclear), opts to migrate to a farm for an improved standard of life. Farm Living is neither rural living nor urban living but arguably the next progressive step of civilised society.

Proof of Concept

Get to know people below, who have opted to live on a farm. All of them were either living or had an option to live an ‘urban elite’ lifestyle. To them, Farm Living meant a better and improved lifestyle.

Farm Living Families Where (Nearby City) Since
Smita, Dhiren, Vishwain & Bhargav Ahmedabad 1983
Susheela, George, Ammu,Midhu & one more Hubli (100 km) 2007
Nisha, Ragu & Aum Coimbatore (30 km) 2012
Karppagam & Sriram Chennai (100 km) 2008
Rekha, Shantanu, Siddharth & Shreya Bhopal (170 km) 2013
Priyamvada, Shashi, Devagya & Janamejeya Bhopal (170 km) 2013
Karuna, Vinish, Naman & Nilofer Hubli (100 km) 2008
Hema, Dev, daughter & son Chennai 2012
Siddharth P Chennai 2008
Rajan Venkatesh Sawantwadi 2015
Sarojbai & Jungbahadur Bhopal (170 km) 2015

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